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 Research areas: Cancer, Stem Cell, Cardiovascular, Cell Biology, Immunology,
Microbiology, Neuroscience, Signal Transduction, Chromatin&Nuclear signaling
Products by type: Primary /Secondery Antibodies, Isotype/Loading Controls,
Tags& Cell Markers, Peptides, Proteins, Kits, Lysates, Slides, Tools&Reagents
Custom Antibody Array Service
Antibodies -Reagents (human, rat, mouse, veterinary)- Neurology, Cell Biology, Immunology, Cytokine, Microbiology, Pharmaceuticals
Innate Immunity
Stem Cells
Alexa Fluor® Conjugated Antibodies
Secondary Antibody Range
Cell and Tissue Lysates
Buffers /Reagents and Serums
DyLight® Conjugates
LYNX Rapid Conjugation Kits
Protein/Antibody Purification Kits
Custom Service
Antibodies/ Peptides
Research Fields: Neurosciences, Stem Cell, Autophagy, Apoptosis, Protein Modification  (Ubiquitination, Phosphorylation, Methylation, Acetylation), Cell Function (Cancer, Cell Cycle Regulation, Cell Signaling, Cell Structure, Metabolism), Nuclear Signaling  (Chromatin-, Transcription-, Translation Regulation )
Custom Services : Antibody Development, Peptide Synthesis, Protein Expression

90 Research Areas
Monoclonal/ Polyclonal/ Conjugated/ Secondery/ Tags Antibodies
DNA & RNA / siRNA/Chimera
Biomarkers, Lysates/Slides
ELISA kits /Ab Pairs
Antibody & Tissue Arrays
Systems (96 well Chemiluminescence Reader, Protemist® XE - Large-Scale Protein Expression, Protemist® DT II - High Throughput Protein Expression)
Services: Gene Synthesis, Protein Expression, Custom Monoclonal Antibody,
IgG Amplification, Antibody / Protein Conjugation

Agricultural diagnostic products:
Diagnostic kits and reagents for detection of more than 300 Plant Pathogents (Viruses, Bacteria, Fungi, GMO)
ELISA Tests/ Immunocapture PCR Kits/ Microarray System/ Special Tests
Different research Antibodies (150 000 Primary/Secondary)
Cell Cycle, DNA repair, Neurobiology, Mitose, Hypoxia, Chaperones, Apoptosis and Multi Drug Resitance, Proteomics, Signal Transduction, Chemokines/Cytokines
70 000 Antigen, Proteins, Kits, Lysates, Tissue slides, Tissue Arrays
Agricultural diagnostic products
ECM products for paraffin sections
Reagents and kits for Transfection and Magnetofection
Ready-to-use, clinically defined, pathology-validated human specimen derivatives
- Antibodies (Apoptosis, Cell Biology, Cell Cycle, Cell Signaling)
Transcriptional Regulation
Epigenetics & Chromatin
Protein Detection and Quantitation
Fluorescent Assays, Dyes and Secondaries
Transfection & Expression
Extracts & Proteins
Sample Preparation
Antibodies for Plant / Environmental Science
Plant/Algal cell biology: Bioenergetics, Developmental biology, DNA/RNA/cell cycle, Mitochondria/Respiration, Nitrogen metabolism, Plant pathogens
Animal Cell biology: Bacterial, Insect and Fungal, Fish proteins, Human proteins
- Antibodies/ Peptides
Fluorescent Dyes and Quenchers
SensoLyte Assay Kits / AnaTag™ Protein Labeling Kits
Enzymes & Other Proteins
Amino Acids
Synthesis Reagents, Resins & Accessories (Filtration, Miscellaneous, Reaction Vessels)
qPCR & qRT-PCR Reagents
Cell and Tissue Lysate
Cloning & Expression and Gene Analysis
PCR and RT kits & reagents and enzymes
Custom Antibody/Oligonucleotide/Peptide/Dye Synthesis
Microspheres: Dyed, Fluorescent, Magnetic, Polymer, ProActive® Protein Coated
Solutions and Buffers
SNARe™ DNA Purification Systems
Flow Cytometry Products
Magnetic Separators
Applications: Agglutination Tests / Assays, Calibration / Validation Cell Separations
Flow Cytometry / Fluorescence Microscopy/ Immunochromatographic Strip Tests / Assays/ Molecular Diagnostics/ Nucleic Acid Purification
- Bioscience Research: Cell Biology, Neuroscience, Stem Cell, Clinical, Immune Function, Bioimaging,
Bioprocessing Media and Supplements (Cell culture media, hydrolysates, supplements,
and services)
Reagents, Antibodies, Proteins

Tumor Biology
Product Formats:

  • Antibodies, Recombinant Protein
  • FlowCytomix (Multiple Analyte Detection on Flow Cytometer),
  • Instant ELISA, High Sensitivity ELISA, Platinum ELISA, BioLISA, ELISpot,
  • Kit Components, Matched Antibody Pairs (Module Sets)
  • Polyethylenimine Transferrinfection, Contract Assay Development

Antibody& Antigen Product Lines:

  • Cancer / Apoptosis and Signal Transduction/ Bone and Calcium Metabolism
  • Major Histocompatibility/ T-Cell Receptors/ Lipoproteins
  • Cytokines and Growth Factors /Drug Antibodies /Infectious Diseases&Toxins
  • Hormones and Steroids / Immunoglobulins (Animal/ Human)
  • Enzymes /Collagen and Extracellular Matrix Proteins /Animal Sera

CD /Cardiac Markers
Cytoskeletal Filaments and Interstitial Proteins /Proteins and Bioactive Peptides
Reagents: Autoimmune/Neuroscience/Assay Detection and Miscellaneous/
Platelets and Hemostasis
Flow Cytometry Isotypic Controls and Blood Lysing Kit
Recombinant Antigens from Yeast
Kits for Diagnostics &Research
Viral Antigen/ Monoclonal Antibody Manufacturing
Blocking Agents

Antibodies (Monoclonal-Polyclonal- Secondery)
Enzymes& Proteins
Labeling/Lipid Reagents
Plasmids/ Vectors
Transfection Reagents
EIA Kits/ Plate Assays/ IHC Kits
Research Fields:
Apoptosis&Cell Cycle, Adhesion&Structure, Cellular&Oxidative Stress, Metabolism, Microbiology/Virology, Neuro&Channel Protein, Transfection, Tissues
Cloning/ PCR, RNA&DNA Purification, Nucleotides, Gene Expression
Biochemicals, Size Markers& Ladders, Enzime Inhibitors&Pharmaceutical Drug,
Antibodies, Kits, Buffers, Solutions, Standars
Affinty Matices/Protein/ Fractions
Conjugation Control /Proteins&Peptides
SUMO, Ubiquitin, Proteasome, Deconjugating
E1 Activating, E2 Conjugating, E3 Ligase

Chemical Classes:

  • Antibodies, Proteins, Recombinant Proteins, Enzymes,
  • Antioxidants, Cannabinoids, Eicosanoids, Fatty Acyds, Cyclooxygenase, Lipids, Oxylipin, Prostaglandins, Synthetic Intermediate, Inhibitors
  • Assay Kits/ Kit Components
Research Areas:
  • Neuroscience/ Oxidative Injury
  • Signal Transduction/ Cell Biology
  • Inflammation/ Allergy/ Asthma
  • Atherosclerosis / Cancer
  • Endocrinology
  • Diabetes/ Epigenetics / Drug Discovery


LifeSciences Research: Stem Cell, Apoptosis, Neuroscience, Signal Transduction, Cancer, Cell Biology, Drug Discovery & Development, Phosphorylation, Regulators of Cell Cycle and Apoptosis, Nuclear Function, Adhesion and Structural Proteins, Pathways
Antibodies& Immunoassays& Cell Culture
Cell Based Assays
Flow Cytometry
Protein Detection
Sample Prep
Cell Counting
Lab Filtration

Human/Mouse/Rat/Canine Immunology/Cell Biology/Apoptosis Research
Cellular Antigens Markers (B cell, Dentritic Cell, T Cell, Stem Cell, NK cell, Granulocyte, Macrophage, Endothelial)
eFluor® Fluorochromes (Organic Dyes/Nanocrystal)
Cell Biology Dyes, Staining Reagents and Kits
Isotype Control, Anti-Ig, 2nd Step Detection, Buffers & Solutions
Recombinant Proteins
Clinical Products: Clinical Diagnostic Reagents, Analyte Specific Reagents, CE Reagents
Custom Product Services
Immunoassay (FlowCytomix, Platinum ELISA Kits, Instant ELISA/ High Sensitivity Kits,
Ready-SET-Go!, ELISA Sets, Ready-SET-Go!® ELISPOT Sets
ELISA Antibodies & Recombinants
TrueBlot™ Superior IP/WB Detection
Multicolor Flow Cytometry

Antibody Products: Apoptosis, Cancer Cell Markers, Neuroscience
Support Products: Control Cell Lysates, Isotype Controls, Cell Lysis Buffer, Blocking Peptides
In Vitro Diagnostics
Custom Antibodies: Monoclonal/ Polyclonal Ab, Antigen Desing, Purification

Antibodies for Proteomics Research
FUNCTIONAL CLUSTERING: Apoptosis, Lipid Transport, DNA Metabolism and Repair, Signal Transduction, Neuronal development / differentiation
DISEASE CLUSTERING: Allergy, Autoimmunity, Cancer, Cardiovascular, Syndromes, Infectious
Secondery/ Tags ANTIBODIES
ImmunoTools Antibodies: human CD-antigens, secondary, functional,
Isotype control
Cytokines (Human, Mouse, Rat, Bovine/Porcine)
ELISA (Matched Pairs, Set, Streptavidine)
Flow Cytometer
DNA extraction kits
Antibodies/ Recombinant Portein
Toll-Like Receptor
Inhibitors/ RNAi Products
Tissue Arrays & Lysates
Western Blot Membrane/ CHIP Assays/ Extraction/ Enrichment Kits, Flow Staining
Antibody concentration kit,
LifeXtend™ conjugate stabilizer/diluent
- Plasmid & Probe DNA (Purification/ Extraction)
Genomic DNA Prep (For Cell/Tissue, Blood, Bacteria/Yeast/Fungi, Plant, Other)
RNA prep (  Double-RNA Viral dsRNA Extraction Mini Kit for Plant Tissue)
Protein: Extraction, Synthesis, Measure, Western Blot
PCR (Aliquoted&Dried PreMix, DNA Polimerase, Master mix solution, PCR Additives)
RT/RT-PCR Premix/ RT Enzyme
  • RevoScript™ RT PreMix(Oligo (dT)15 Primer),
  • RevoScript™ RT PreMix(Random Primer)
DNA & Protein Markers
Chemical & Other Kit:
  • Nitric Oxide Detection Kit, LPS Extraction Kit
  • e-Myco˘â plus Mycoplasma PCR Kit
  • RedSafe™ Nucleic Acid Staining Solution
Molecular Diagnostics (Plant, Animal Detection/ Isolation Kit)
Product: 75,900 Monoclonal and Polyclonal Antibodies to 13,400 Targets,
                      Tissue Microarrays  
  • Custom Antibody Production Services/ Immunohistochemistry Services
  • Tissue Cross-Reactivity (TCR) Screening/ Gene Reports
  • Histology, Pathology, and Imaging services
2 million tissues available for LifeSpan's Contract Services
Products: Antibodies (Monoclonal/ Polyclonal /Tags/ Controls/Isoform Specific/
Fusion Proteins, Lysates
Research areas: Apoptosis, Stem cell, Neuroscience, Cell cycle,Cell Structure/Ad/Mob, Cell/Tissue Markers, Growth Factor/Cytokine/Hormone, Immunity, Membrane,, Oncogenesis, Metabolism, Signal Transduction, Transport
Pre-made Western Blot Custom Production: Monoclonal/ Polyclonal Antibodies, Peptide Synthesis, Cloning&protein Expression
QIAGEN Plasmid DNA Purification
Genomic DNA Preparation Assay Technologies
RNAi Solutions
DNA Cleanup and Normalization
Technologies: PCR, Protein, Transfection, RNA Sample
Lab Essentials
- Arrays: Cytokine/ Phosphorylation/ Label-Based Antibody, Protein, Quantitative, Apoptosis
Enzyme Immunoassay (EIA) Based Kits
Cell-based ELISA Kit
Protein Products
Tissue Microarray
Peptide & Peptide Synthesis
Custom Antibody Service
Transfection Reagents:
  • Gene expression
  • RNA Interference
  • Protein, Antibody & Peptide Delivery
In Vivo Reagents / Therapeutics: In Vivo Delivery
  • Protein and Virus Production in Mammalian Cells
  • Protein and Baculovirus Production in Insect Cells

PAntibodies (Primary, Secondary, GFP/ Taq)
Avidin, Biotin, Streptavidin
Substrates, Blocking Buffers
Detection Kits
Loading Controls/ Protein Standards and Controls/ Loading Controls
Cell Lysates
Molecular Biology Reagents
Sera, Red Blood Cells and Tissues
Custom Antibody Production and Services

Over 49,380 well characterized primary antibodies (monoclonal and polyclonal)
siRNA, shRNA Plasmid and Lentiviral Particle gene silencers targeted to all (100%) known human and mouse genes
UltraCruz, ExactaCruz, and CrystalCruz general laboratory products
ChemCruz specialty biochemicals for biomedical, life science, molecular biology, and proteomics research applications
Proteomics research support products:

  • secondary antibodies
  •  transfected cell lysates (human, mouse)
  • protein A/G PLUS immunoprecipitation reagents,
  • luminol, MW markers,
  • nitrocellulose, film
- Monoclonal /Polyclonal Secondary Antibodies & Reagents
CD Markers and Other Cell Surface Proteins
Cytokine/ Apoptosis/ Cell Signaling/Pro-Inflammatory Research
Isotype Controls
Immunoassay Sets
Enzyme Substrate, Slide Mounting Reagents, Viral Proteins, Filtered Serum, Binding/Purification Protein /Buffers
Custom Service: Peptide Synthesis, Polyclonal/Monoclonal Antibody, Conjugation,
Immunochemistry Services, Purification, Testing Services
Tips: Pipette, Robotic
Pipettes: Manual, Electronic, Serological, Repeat Dispenser
Consumables (Tubes, Plates, Parafilm, Labelling)
Cell Culture (Plates, Flask, Dishes, Cell Scrapers)
Sample Storage (Boxes, Racks)
Equipment (Magnetic Stirrers, Vortexers, Microcentrifuge, Rotator Mixer,
Label Printers, PCR Cabinets)
Protection (Gloves, Safety Trays&Liners
Heat Shock, Oxidative Stress, Channels and Transporters, Apoptosis, Cell Signaling,
Organelle Markers and Scaffolds, Chaperones, Neuroscience, Phosphorylation

Activators/ Inhibitors
Kits/ Kits Components
- -

Cancer, Immunology, Endocrinology, Pain&Inflammation, Cellular  Processes, Pharmacology
Disease: Cardiovascular, Neurological, Respiratory, Metabolic
Peptides, Antibodies, Biochemicals, Toxins

- Antibodies
Molecular Biology/ Cloning
Culture Media/ Serum/ Tissues
Lectins/ Growth Factors
Biochemicals/ Kits &Assays
Custom Services
- Veterinary Medical Research & Development
Diagnostic Test Kits, Immunofluorescence Reagents, Antibodies, Immunology Reagents